WHAT TO EXPECT when you worship with us.

When you walk through our doors on a Sunday, you will be welcomed with open arms.  During the service, we are all joined together as part of one Christian family and we are united to pray, observe God’s holiness, and rejoice in His presence.

Our service follows an order called the Book of Common Prayer which encompasses both ancient and modern prayers for a variety of occasions. It is broadly Scripture-based, and each service includes readings from both the Old and New Testaments. We sing a wide range of hymns from both traditional and modern sources.

Episcopalians celebrate God at every service through water, bread, and wine. Jesus taught that by being baptized with water, we are united with God. By sharing bread and wine like Jesus did with his disciples, we are forgiven of our sins and our relationships with God and each other are strengthened. When we set the Communion Table, you are welcome to join us.

Following the worship service is a coffee hour which offers you a wonderful opportunity to share in fellowship and for us to get to know you a bit better.