Our CEMETERY is a Baltimore County landmark.

While community residents and visitors enjoy the spectacular view and often visit for its location and tranquil setting, the cemetery privately serves the needs of Sherwood Church’s parishioners. The cemetery is managed by Sherwood’s Cemetery Perpetual Care (CPC), a committee dedicated to maintaining the cemetery as a place to honor those who have passed on.

A focus on those who served. Many veterans—starting with the War of 1812—are buried at Sherwood, as well as a survivor of the Titanic disaster. U.S. Flags are placed on veteran’s gravesites on Memorial Day and Veterans Day holidays by the CPC.

Researching your family history? Gravesites at Sherwood may be found on findagrave.com. If you’d like to visit the cemetery, it is open 24/7 and benches are provided. General regulations are posted in several locations throughout the cemetery.

To see Sherwood’s cemetery rules and regulations, download the CPC brochure.

If you have any questions about the cemetery or having a funeral at Sherwood, please e-mail the CPC.