Our MISSION is at the heart of our community.

At Sherwood Episcopal Church, our mission is very clear:

God commands us to enthusiastically cast open our doors to embrace all, impacting lives through bold service, no exceptions!

Our Strategic Imperatives help us truly fulfill our mission statement to reaffirm and live out our love of God and our neighbor:

  1. We will propel our partnership with Cockeysville Middle School, by providing intentional emotional and educational guidance to a select group of students to impact their desire to achieve lifelong success.
  2. We will elevate the spiritual and physical well-being of Cockeysville homeless veterans through veteran assistance support and scheduled, seasonal, on-site activities.
  3. We will assess and optimize the potential of our campus and facilities to support our ministry and imperatives.

These strategic imperatives were recently selected by our parish members as ones in our community that meet the greatest needs. They are currently being researched by parish leaders and members with the goal of having an action plan in place during 2020. Check back here again soon for updates or subscribe to our e-newsletter